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laisseli's Journal

 わたし達は創りものでも 同じ だから
 終わり じゃないから
・・・ あ な た が す き

& A B O U T ;;

Name: Laisseli
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race and Ethnicity: Asian--Chinese

I don't know what to say about myself that won't make me seem like an egoistic person or like an idiot, so... I'll keep this short, I guess. I think I'm pretty nice and friendly, I'm always willing to make new friends and it's always cool to meet people in different fandoms and whatnot. :D

Hai. :D

& B L U R B ;;

We're all weird, strange people in a world of either stranger and weirder people.


I like commenting on random posts when people answer the Writer's Block, because I like meeting new people and whatnot. But if I get annoying, delete my comment and I won't bother you anymore :)

& L I N K S ;;

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